What Does A Pregnancy Pillow Help With? (Benefits, Types,Usage)

What Does A Pregnancy Pillow Help With? (Benefits, Types,Usage)

A quality pregnancy pillow is one of a great way of getting relief from pain within the lower back when trying to nap at night. Many medical doctors recommend getting a substantial amount of sleep throughout a pregnancy. Getting rid of the pain and getting much-needed rest will help with the pregnancy experience. If you know that you feel you’re very best, then your baby will certainly feel great too. 

10 Benefits of Using Pregnancy Pillow While Pregnant

1. Improves circulation of blood in the entire system: When a pregnant woman Sleeps on the sides she will enhance blood circulation, and it’s something that is mostly emphasized by doctors. Sleeping side-ways is uncomfortable for many pregnant women due to the expanding tummy. 

2. The variety of pregnancy pillows have been designed to lay down between the hip and legs and knees because the woman sleeps on her side. Most women choose this pillow as it helps then sleep easier in the favorite position, especially throughout the end of the pregnancy.

The variety of pregnancy pillows have been designed

3. Selecting a pillow with a loop around the shoulder is very vital for pregnant women because it ensures the arms and legs are separated during the entire night time. This helps take a bit of the pressure off of the stomach area. 

4. Pregnancy pillows are created to give women a choice of sleeping better throughout the night and promoting comfortable sleeping positions. The first is formed as a closed loop, between the legs and goes in front of the chest location. It then goes over the particular shoulder and down towards the middle of the back again and back to the specific knees. Women are prepared to use this pillow to create a custom position that will enable them to get the most slumber during the night. 

5. A whole body pillow provides support throughout the physique. The option is set up to offer full body support that can be twisted into a figure eight around the legs and arms. Keeping the thighs separated from this pillowcase will help with temperature control throughout the body. Once the legs are divided this pillow can also provide pressure relief from under the stomach area. This full body pillow also has room to guide the shoulders and also head for a great night’s sleep. 

6. This expense will continue to pay off when the baby arrives. Pregnancy pillows can be quite a great help following the baby comes home. They offer great support for the baby and mom during nursing and also sleeping. Pregnancy pillows will continue to provide assistance and alleviation as you recover from having a baby and rest along with your feet up as you snuggle with your new bundle of joy. 

7. Many of these pregnancy pillows come with excellent accessories like, blankets and beautiful detachable slipcovers that make cleaning them very easy and simple. A great night’s sleep is priceless, and the benefits of having a supportive pregnancy pillow are wonderful. Obtain the rest that you should have and the rest from back pain during your entire pregnancy.

8. It can lessen stress on the joints and knees because of sleeping by your sides. 

9. Aids in keeping the body in the proper position to make sure that you are comfortable and your baby as well.

10. Permits for a more comfortable sleep, reducing pressure points on your body and making sure that your spine and neck are parallel to prevent shoulder and back pain.

When Should You Start Using Pregnancy Pillow?

There isn’t any fixed period to start using your pregnancy pillow, but an individual can begin to use a pregnancy pillow when she feels uncomfortable during a situation of changing position while asleep. After twenty weeks of pregnancy, the tummy begins to expand which brings pain in to the body parts due to an Increased weight. This is the best time to put your pregnancy pillow in to use.

Different Types of pregnancy pillows & How to Use Them

Pregnancy pillows are of different types as well as different sizes and shapes. Each type of maternity pillow satisfies a certain set of needs. Pregnant women should choose a maternity pillow after finding out the kind of discomfort she is faced with. Pregnancy is different as per the individuals thus the same case as the problems joined with it. Beloware the different types of pillows:

1. Pregnancy Wedge

Also known as the maternity cushion which is the smallest pillow available. This pillow can be used either during or after the pregnancy period. The kind of pillow is further divided into two types: triangular wedge pillow and around wedge pillow.


Tips For Using a Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

This wedge pillow can be placed either behind the back or under the tummy to provide support during the entire night. The pillow also satisfy to be a standard pillow. It will, therefore, help in reducing reflux and heartburn as it raises an individual’s head above the mean of body height.

 2. The Full-length Pregnancy Pillow

This kind of pillow is mostly long thus providing its cushion to the entire body. Full-length pillow provide the best comfort to legs and arms. Also, it supports the tummy. This kind of pillow is the best to embrace and hug, but it doesn’t give an optimum amount of support needed by the back. They are further divided into two types: flexible full length and straight full-length. 

Tips For How To Use This Type Pregnancy Pillow

This kind of pillows is designed to cuddle as well as to hug. These pillows aren’t recommended to be placed behind the back or under the tummy. A pregnant individual should wrap her legs and arms around the pillow while placing the tummy in the center position. 

 3. Total Body Pillows

They have a height between five and six inches. This pregnancy support pillow is ideal for individuals of any given height. It’s important to use total body pillow on the second trimester because it gives strong support to your spine which is essential in reducing back or hip pain. 


Total body pillows are further divided into two:

a) C-shaped total body pillow

This kind of pillows are usually shaped like letter C and enhances support to the tummy, head, back, and legs. 

How To Use C-shaped Total Body Pillow

This full body pillow is the best for pregnant women who sleep in a posture of riding. This pillow helps you in placing the head on the upper most part and sliding your entire back into a curve. 

b) U- Shaped Total Body Pillow

This kind of pillow is ideal for individuals who prefer sleeping on their back but are not capable of sleeping in this posture due to an increased tummy. It provides optimum support to an individual’s back as well as the tummy.

How To Use a U- shaped Total Body Pillow

An individual can place her head on one of the top most part of the pillow and then slide the entire body on the other part of the pillow. Wrap your entire legs around your choice of the sides and then sleep comfortably.

In conclusion, the great thing about a maternity pillow that instead of using several pillows to support the various areas of the body that need it, a pregnant woman can use just one. These maternity body pillows are formed to give support and comfort where needed, assisting soon-to-be-mothers in getting a cozy, healthy and comfortable night of sleep.

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