Is it  Worth to buy nursing Covers ?

Is it Worth to buy nursing Covers ?

Most people don’t like breastfeeding in public because they don’t want to draw attention. Moms don’t like the mixed reactions they may get when they lower their shirts to breastfeed a hungry baby. The best solution for this is to buy a nursing cover.

Every breastfeeding mother needs privacy when breastfeeding. Breastfeeding covers ensure that you don’t search for a vacant room to feed your baby. With the right design, nursing covers give you the privacy and courage to breastfeed in public.

Types of Nursing Covers

There are several types of nursing covers in the market today. The following are the most common types of nursing covers.

Poncho Nursing Covers

These covers are similar to the kitchen aprons. They have a loop where the head goes in and a loose lower part. It is open on the sides and back.



Amazing style: The best thing about poncho nursing covers is that you can use them as part of your dressing code. Nobody will realize that you are wearing a nursing cover. They even have pockets to hold your items.

Comfortable: Ponchos have loose fitting materials that cover the baby making him/her comfortable. This means you won’t have to wrap your baby in tight blankets while nursing.

Hides the baby: The point of buying nursing covers is to hide the baby from the public during nursing. Ponchos fully encompass the baby such that no one will notice him/her. It is hard to notice what the mother is doing unless you are very keen.

Easy Access: It’s very bad to delay breastfeeding a crying hungry baby. You need to feed him/her immediately after you notice he or she is hungry. Ponchos give you quick access without clipping or strapping. In fact, it takes a few seconds to prepare yourself for breastfeeding. You won’t worry about your cover falling, giving you a comfortable nursing experience.

Can be worn even if you are not breastfeeding: As I mentioned earlier, ponchos have a unique design that enables them to fit into your wardrobe even if you are not breastfeeding. They are still useful even after the baby no longer breastfeeds. You can rock a poncho with your favorite outfits and still be trendy. 


Expensive: Ponchos are made from very high-quality ultra-soft materials. This makes them more expensive than other nursing covers.

Apron Nursing Covers


Apron covers have adjustable bow-shaped necklines that enable moms to view their babies as they feed. This is important since they help moms bond with their infant babies. Apron covers help you discreetly and comfortably while providing a calm environment for your child.


Optimal Design: The adjustable bow-shape neckline is made of a flexible material that enables it to maintain its shape. This enables the nursing mom to maintain eye contact with the baby. It also acts regulates the airflow. The mom can also ensure that the baby is correctly latched, which is very important during nursing.

They are practical: Aprons have a built-in pouch that allows you to keep essential items such as breast pads and pacifiers. You can easily fold it and keep it in your hand back when done.

Easy care and multifunctional: You can use the apron nursing cover as a roof over your stroller to protect your baby from extreme sunlight. You won’t struggle washing it since it is machine washable.

Perfect Size: Apron Nursing covers are designed for full coverage. The adjustable neck strap ensures that it is secure.


Doesn’t cover the mom: You have to cover yourself while breastfeeding. It is advisable that you wear a nursing blouse to cover you while breastfeeding.

Cumbersome: It can be challenging to wear if you have a fussy baby. 

Infinity Nursing Scarf 

This nursing cover has a stretchy cotton material that you can easily pull down when you want to breastfeed. They are stylish and simple such that even non-nursing women can wear. You can fold them into your diaper bag without a problem.


Multi-functional: Infinity nursing scarves can be used as a shopping cart cover or a car seat cover. Maybe this is why many women love them.

Comfortable: These scarves lack rings, straps or codes that will mess with you and the baby.

Breathable: These nursing covers are made from cotton which is very breathable. They give your baby a calming environment during nursing.

 You will not have any difficulty carrying them since they are very light.

Elegant: Infinity scarves come with different colors and prints. This makes them look beautiful.

Affordable: Every mom can afford these nursing covers since they are cheap.


They are not convenient for all situations: There are times when you don’t want to wear a scarf maybe because of warm weather. This makes these nursing scarves not to be ideal all the time. You will need another type of nursing cover to go with it.

They can’t be adjusted: They are made from stretchy cotton which is restrictive.

Reasons Why You Should Wear a Nursing Cover

Nursing covers have a lot of benefits to you and your baby. The following are some of the advantages of wearing nursing covers.

Enables your baby to breastfeed without distractions: Nursing covers ensure that your baby doesn’t see anything that will distract him or her during nursing.

Provides privacy and comfort: Majority of mothers are shy to nurse in public. Nursing covers allow you to nurse comfortably in public whilst protecting your privacy.

They are multi-purpose: They can cover car seats, and strollers to provide shade when needed.

Prevent Breast Infections: There is a likelihood that won’t drain your breasts when nursing in public. Failing to completely empty your breasts can cause serious breast infections that are dangerous to you and your baby.

Convenient: Nursing covers allow you to breastfeed whenever and wherever your baby wants to. You will also avoid carrying bottles of milk when going out.

As you’ve seen, nursing covers have a lot of benefits. However, there are some factors that you should consider before buying nursing covers. They include coverage, functionality, flexibility, affordability, and type of fabric. You should also check if the cover is fashionable and machine washable.

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